Egaro recently got an opportunity to take part at The India Art Fair 224. We handpicked a group of artists who hail from various parts of the region for our proposed booth at the fair. Through their practice, the represented artists explore themes of identity, history, concerns regarding our shared environment, folklore and the counter-cultures erupting in their surroundings.

Egaro showcased works of 5 artists from the region at the Art Fair. Abhijit Deb from Tripura, Ankha Millo from Arunachal Pradesh, Kunga Tashi Lepcha from Sikkim, Adwaita Mitra Chakma & Ploto Debbarma from Tripura. This was the first time an organisation from North-east was taking part at the fair, so Egaro’s platform was solely dedicated to artists from the region.

This amalgamation of diverse artistic voices were aimed in shedding light on various narratives from the region through the lens of the artists from the region and not otherwise. We were successful in creating an enriching experience that captivated art enthusiasts, collectors, and the general public.

Egaro’s archival programme, “Out in the sun” was also part of the exhibit at IAF. Photo Archives are one of the biggest ways of preservation of culture and history in modern times and Egaro is making strides towards preservation of the demographic culture and history of the region through these photo archives.

Furthermore, we believe our participation in an event of that of the scale of India Art Fair helped foster an inclusive and holistic representation of India's artistic landscape. The North East has immense prowess in artistic brilliance, yet it has been sparsely represented so far. By featuring our booth, India Art Fair took a positive initiative towards not aligning with this disparity, while illuminating the narratives, struggles, and triumphs that emanate from our hills and valleys.

Exhibiting Artists
Abhijit Deb

Ankha Millo

Kunga Tashi Lepcha

Adwaita Chakma & Ploto Debbarma